Are you ALL ready ?!

Just a day left for our second WordCamp. Are you all excited? We definitely are. We have some awesome sessions for the event tomorrow.

Philip Arthur Moore, Premium Theme Team Lead at Automattic, is here and he will be speaking on how to become a better WordPress Theme Developer. If you are a beginner or even selling Premium themes, it doesn’t hurt to attend this session. I guarantee that you can only become better at it and you will also know how they code at Automattic!

We also have the “Most Wanted” Q&A session for all the aspiring outsourcers! In every meetups we have had in the past, we have had questions about how to bring the money you earned to Nepal. We have Bal K Joshi, a remittance industry expert and co-founder of, who is beta testing a new Payment Gateway called Machnet, Pravash Karki, who is running multiple business houses including an outsourcing company called Last Door Solutions and a professional freelancer, Mohammad Tajim who have been freelancing for a long time. All these professionals will be sharing what platforms are available and what have worked for them.

We also have very attractive sessions for all the niche. Saurabh Shukla is coming all the way from India to share how you can use WordPress as an API. If you are into more hardcore stuff, this is not to be missed. Similarly, we have Pankaj Agrawal, founder to Next Software Solutions, Nepalgunj, who will be talking about how WordPress can be used for eLearning.

For Bloggers, Ujwal Thapa will share his experience on how you can set it up and how you can use social media to publicize your blog. Santosh Raut explains how you can use SEO tools to get better ranking at search engines and for all kinds of websites Roshan Bhattarai explains how you can add a better search for WordPress using Sphinx.

And last but not the least, if you are worried about being hacked or have been hacked several times, you should not miss the session by Mahadev Subedi. He is a security expert and has found a lot of security flaws and won awards for his findings from Facebook, Mozilla, Google, PayPal, Yahoo and many more companies. If you want to discuss more, you can simply find this guy and talk during break or lunch time.

So, to conclude, we are going to have a blast this year! Remember all the speakers are one of the best in their respective fields and there might not have been any session like this where the best meet and share their experiences!!

For those who are not familiar with the event location, please come to Patan Dhoka in Patan (Lalitpur). You can take the local bus if there is one or can take a taxi to Patan Dhoka. You can look for Dhokaima Cafe or Yalamaya Kendra after reaching there. We will also hang a WordCamp Nepal flex so you know where to come. For more clarity, please find it in this map.

If you have any questions or confusions, please feel free to call our co-organizers Ghanshyam Khanal (9849141057) and Suvash Khadka (9841797599) and they will help you will the map.