Speaker Highlight: Mahadev Subedi

mahadevMahadev Subedi is an independent Security Researcher. He has been acknowledged by Google, Facebook, Mozilla, Paypal, Nokia, 37signals, GetPocket, Sproutsocial, Yahoo, Opera, Adobe, Zendesk, Kaneva, Swipely and so on for reporting several flaws in their web application and api.

Mahadev is our Security Expert and will be talking about WordPress Security & Defense Mechanism. Are you are facing hacks in your WordPress sites, then you should not miss this talk. He will share number of attacks widely used by hackers to break WordPress security, with exploits and also will guide you to protect your site from hackers.

You are Invited to WordCamp Nepal 2013!

The 2013 WordCamp is almost here! We invite all WordPress lovers this 26 October to be a part of this amazing WordPress event. Through WordCamp Nepal, we are looking to pool together our WordPress community. We shall focus on local developers/designers/bloggers while they share their experiences and knowledge straight from their WordPress bubble! Also, we shall have some guest speakers from around the world do the same.

The big idea is to collectively share the WordPress enthusiasm locally and then further use it, for the benefit of the global WordPress community.

You can find below, our session plan for the event!

Individual Sessions

  1. How To Become A WordPress Theme Developer – By Philip A Moore
  2. The Future of Web Design Experience – By Chandra Maharzan
  3. How To Get Your Theme On Top 15 Popular Themes at WordPress.org – By Sakin Shrestha
  4. WordPress as a Blogging Platform – By Ujwal Thapa
  5. eLearning on WordPress – By Pankaj Agrawal
  6. WordPress as a Distributed Social Network (WordPress as an API) – By Saurabh Shukla
  7. Parallax Web Design – By Jimba Tamang
  8. Working with Child Themes – By Utsav Singh Rathour
  9. WordPress Security – By Mahadev Subedi
  10. SEO for WordPress – By Santosh Raut
  11. Starting Business with WordPress – By Raushan Jaiswal
  12. Searching Big WordPress Data – By Roshan Bhattarai

Panel Discussion

  1. WordPress Theme Development
  2. Payment Gateway & Business

Speaker Highlight: Jimba Tamang

jimbaJimba is a freelancer, a front-end web developer. Most of his waking hours are spend obsessing over innovations in IT world. Unlike people of his age, he is dedicated, focused, time oriented and a perfectionist. He loves to challenge himself. Within 8 years of his professional life, he has worked in various IT companies as a senior developer.

He has been using wordpress as a primary CMS for the last 4 years and has built 100+ custom wordpress sites/themes. Jimba is the conceptual developer of free wordpress theme “Sampression Lite“. He is an enthusiastic traveller and a music lover.

His talk this year on WordCamp will eye on the Parallax web design, what it really is, where it is heading and how to achieve this functionality in your next project.

Thank you to our Media Sponsor: Annapurna Post & Internet Sponsor: Vianet

We are delighted to announce that we have our co-sponsors Annapurna Post on Media and Vianet Communications on Free Wi-Fi on the event day. As we all know, Annapurna Post is a nepali national daily newspaper and has been pretty popular. We are very grateful for Annapurna Post for helping spread the word about WordCamp Nepal and WordPress in general. Annapurna Post uses WordPress for its news site so we couldn’t have found a better supporter. Thank you Annapurna Post.

Annapurna Post

Annapurna Post is WordCamp Nepal 2013’s Media Sponsor. Annapurna Post is a nepali national daily newspaper published by Nepal News Network International (3NI). Its aim is to inform public with accurate, balanced and credible coverage of events and fearless reporting on issues.

Vianet Communications

Vianet, on the other hand, has been providing high speed internet since 1999 and was a internet sponsor in our last WordCamp as well. Thank you Vianet for supporting this event.

Vianet Communications provides high speed Internet connectivity and communications solutions for business and individuals in Kathmandu Valley. Established in 1999, Vianet Communications has always remained at forefront in providing reliable and affordable Broadband Internet Services.

Speaker Highlight: Ujwal Thapa

UJWAL200X200 Ujwal (pronounced – “ooze-wol”) is a Nepali coffee farmer, activist, and an IT entrepreneur living in Nepal. He build leaders and entrepreneurs. He also provokes Nepalis to change themselves first to change Nepal. He is actively helping build “विवेकशील नेपाली” a rising political, entrepreneurial and social force which will create a peaceful, prosperous Nepal.

Have you ever wanted to maintain a professional blog for your company or as an editor or a writer? Then you shouldn’t miss this talk where the focus is on how to run and maintain a self hosted WordPress blog effectively. Ujwal will share his 7 years experience building whynepal.com

Thank you to our Silver Sponsor: Nhuja Concepts

We are proud to announce our final Silver Sponsor for WordCamp Nepal 2013 — Nhuja Concepts Thank you so much for your support.

Nhuja Concepts

Nhuja Concepts is a tiny miny company that experiments with small ideas on the web. Simplicity, Clean and Minimalism is the key to this company. Whether its creating a greater experience on the web, or creating minimalist WordPress Themes that is highly demanding, Nhuja Concepts’ sole goal is to provide better and unique user experience on the web.

Without Sponsors, WordCamps cannot happen. If you want to be a part of this community and you/your company is running with the help of WordPress, please support this event and make it a grand one. Here are more details on the benefits of becoming a sponsor/supporter.

WordCamp Nepal 2013 Tickets now SOLD OUT !!

UPDATE: Thank you for your interest, but we are all SOLD OUT for this year. We are sorry if you discovered WordCamp just now. Please join our active Facebook group. We will be doing regular WordPress Meetups from December and these meetups are free. You can get some experience of how WordCamp looks like during these meetups. And next time, please do register early to secure a seat.

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for: WordCamp Nepal 2013 tickets are now on sale!

Tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Don’t delay–get yours TODAY.

Early bird tickets are priced Rs 1,000/-. With this ticket your Lunch, Tea/Snacks for the whole day is covered along with a Free WordCamp T-shirt (which is amazing!!). Not to mention a full day of inspiring sessions from local and international experts including an Automattician. Priceless!

Thanks to all the sponsors for making this happen. The price is a bargain, probably the cheapest WordCamp ticket price.

WordCamp Nepal happens Saturday, October 26, 2013 (9am-5pm) at Yalamaya Kendra (Dhokaima Cafe), Patan Dhoka, Lalitpur.

Note: There are very limited tickets so register early.

After you fill up the form, we will contact you and arrange the payment pickup/drop. Or alternately, you can make online payment or bank deposit on the bank account below and mention the transaction ID or anything that proves you have made the payment on the form below. (Digital Max Solutions is taking care of all the accounts of this event)

D.M.S. Digital Max Solutions Pvt.Ltd.
Nepal Investment Bank Ltd.
Maharajgunj Branch
A/C No.03801040250429

If you have any questions or confusion, please feel free to call our co-organizers Ghanshyam Khanal (9849141057) and Suvash Khadka (9841797599).

Speaker Highlight: Chandra Maharzan

cmChandra likes to call himself a hobbyist. He is mostly using the artistic side of his brain, working on creative things such as photos/videos and music. He has founded a tiny company—Nhuja Concepts to work on small ideas on the web of which building unique, minimalist and revolutionary WordPress themes has been pretty successful. He has also partnered with a top WordPress theme shop—Graph Paper Press. He has to his credits being mentioned as one of the top 7 amazing theme designers in 2009, several of his themes being listed as top 100 free themes for 2010 by Smashing Magazine and one of his themes being used by various Mozilla blogs. His theme “Gridspace”, made for Graph Paper Press, has been trending as Top 10 Most Popular theme at WordPress.com since a year and most recently Chandra has been interviewed by CodePoet, an Automattic run library of resources and inspiration.

His talk on WordCamp this year will focus on design aspect of the web. How it has evolved and where its heading. He will focus on specific CSS definitions that will soon be available for all the browsers and how that will change the overall web design experience.

Thank you to our Silver Sponsor: Catch Themes

We are proud to announce our second Silver Sponsor for WordCamp Nepal 2013 — Catch Themes Thank you so much Catch Themes for your support.

Catch Themes

Catch Themes is a WordPress Theme Shop and focuses on minimalist, elegant and content-rich designs. Operating since 2012, Catch Themes is increasingly focused on helping a diverse range of users – students, professionals, businesses, personal bloggers and photographers – showcase themselves on the web. Catch Themes comprises of a team of young enthusiastic WordPress lovers who have put their heads together to produce remarkable WordPress Themes. They work with a simple belief that users should be able to access the best possible WordPress Themes to create their web pages and hence working for the same since day one!

Without Sponsors, WordCamps cannot happen. If you want to be a part of this community and you/your company is running with the help of WordPress, please support this event and make it a grand one. Here are more details on the benefits of becoming a sponsor/supporter.

Thank you to our Gold Sponsor: Last Door Solutions

We are proud to announce our second Gold Sponsor for WordCamp Nepal 2013. Last Door Solutions (LDS) Thank you so much LDS for your support.

Last Door Solutions

Every day, at Last Door Solutions (LDS), a team of young creative minds with individual skills, experiences and expertise follow a rigorous and robust approach to providing customer oriented solutions. WordPress is Last Door Solutions‘ core competency – in-fact, using WordPress has been a key to sustaining the company’s long term success. LDS has been creating WordPress powered websites for quite sometime now – they customize and build themes, create plugins and offer WordPress support to their clients worldwide.

LDS also partners with leading Digital Media Agencies who share a collective view of constantly upgrading their knowledge and processes in the ever changing web industry. Over the years they have built strong partnership relationships with global leaders of the web industry.

Without Sponsors, WordCamps cannot happen. If you want to be a part of this community and you/your company is running with the help of WordPress, please support this event and make it a grand one. Here are more details on the benefits of becoming a sponsor/supporter.