Speaker Highlight: Chandra Maharzan

cmChandra likes to call himself a hobbyist. He is mostly using the artistic side of his brain, working on creative things such as photos/videos and music. He has founded a tiny company—Nhuja Concepts to work on small ideas on the web of which building unique, minimalist and revolutionary WordPress themes has been pretty successful. He has also partnered with a top WordPress theme shop—Graph Paper Press. He has to his credits being mentioned as one of the top 7 amazing theme designers in 2009, several of his themes being listed as top 100 free themes for 2010 by Smashing Magazine and one of his themes being used by various Mozilla blogs. His theme “Gridspace”, made for Graph Paper Press, has been trending as Top 10 Most Popular theme at WordPress.com since a year and most recently Chandra has been interviewed by CodePoet, an Automattic run library of resources and inspiration.

His talk on WordCamp this year will focus on design aspect of the web. How it has evolved and where its heading. He will focus on specific CSS definitions that will soon be available for all the browsers and how that will change the overall web design experience.