Speaker Highlight: Pankaj Agrawal

Pankaj AgrawalPankaj Agrawal is the founder of Next Software Solutions Pvt Ltd. He has worked on several eLearning platforms and is a significant contributor to the latest eLearning standard called Experience API. GrassBlade xAPI Companion, the brain child of Pankaj, has been a great step towards bringing eLearning content from major authoring tools to WordPress that was never before possible. He believe that LMS technology needs to be significantly simplified and he finds WordPress as a great solution. With an educational background in electronics, he has been a robotics enthusiast and educator before he returned back to Nepal and found love in software.

Pankaj, in his talk, will touch upon the huge potential of the Learning industry, and how every individual and company spends most of their time as well as resources on training. His talk will plant the belief in everyone that with eLearning on the rise, every individual has a potential to tap into this growing market and reap the rewards. He will show you the Why, What and How of “eLearning on WordPress”.